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ADVICE - Starting first income stream

Hey, I'm a 20 year old college student (Econ/Fin major) living in a dorm and going to school. I have set aside 1k towards building an income stream (1k can be increased over time Capital isn't an issue). I am debating between a couple ways and just want to get some opinions or suggestions on what a friend and I could do.
  1. Start a website/blog teaching people about the markets (stock/economics) and how the world works. I have learned most people know nothing and I feel it is a good niche. To make money I would use ad's/affiliate links/refferal links and I might review products and services for investing from my experiences.
  2. Build a bitcoin faucet rotator and use referral links to make money from said faucets.
  3. HYIP referral business reviewing and providing my opinion on the safest and most efficient way to make money off of the high risk investments from my experience.
  4. Shopify store selling a low cost high margin product like vape juice or something.
  5. Bitcoin/micro crypto faucet website and make money from ads.
  6. Buying a pre-existing business on Flippo (Shopify/Website/FBA Amazon)
Advice? Thanks in advance btw. I have been spending too much time trying to figure out what to do and just want to start something. I have 3 weeks to build the business before school comes back. LMK
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